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Clinic philosophy

To treat all patients as individuals, provide individual treatment plans and to empower the patient to make informed decisions about their health. Our aim with your help is to get you back doing the things you love in life.


I specialise in the diagnosis and management of specific walking, running and cycling biomechanical problems. Looking at patient gait (movement pattern) analysis give me an insight into the biomechanical problem that may stem from the ankle complex.
I take a simple approach and truly want you to understand what actually happens in the real world so we go outside and actually watch you running as you normally do. My experience of outdoor gait analysis used in combination with a detailed mechanical examination in the consultation room means we can get to the core of your problem. We can help your heal from your injury, move more efficiently and improve your speed.

My many years of martial arts and multisport racing have given me a great base for injury prevention and biomechanical analysis.

Helping you recover

Everyone is unique, and I take an individual approach to everyone’ I see. With experience of working with athletes, runners and walkers means I can help you recover quickly from and avoid overuse injuries. I like to explain what appears to be causing the issue, the treatment plan and how you can help resolve the issue.
We begin by identifying the movement at the root of your problem and the tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones) that are
causing discomfort.
If we do require imaging to support our diagnoses this can normally be arranged through your health insurer or with a local private hospital.
We also identify and secondary or ‘sub-symptomatic’ problems; this could be an abnormal movement or an inherent weakness. A treatment plan that only deals with the root problem could leave you vulnerable to further injury. By considering everything we aim
to get you injury-free and keep you injury-free.

Once we have a treatment plan we manage different injury components individually:
– Soft-tissue massage and manipulation supported by home exercises (normally stretches, but we may show you how to self-massage), to stabilise the injured tissue. We get hands-on to fix your problem in a way we know will work.
– Teach you strengthening exercises to do at home, which will provide support as you adjust to a better way of moving.
– We can recommend footwear ‘prescription’ so you can buy the running or walking shoe best suited to your feet and movement type.
– If standard footwear isn’t able to provide the support you need we can prescribe custom insoles orthotic devices (see ICB website for details) to wear in your shoes. Not everyone needs orthotics, but if you do your prescription will be specific to your feet and gait.
– Once you have better tissue condition, stronger muscles and better support mechanics we can give you some simple ‘gait drills’.
Don’t worry, they’re only movement patterns you can practice and work into your normal walking or running activities to aid your
recovery and reduce the risk of future injury. We may invite you to come back to the clinic for occasional checkups, to ensure you’re not at risk of developing new injuries.