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Graeme Rasmussen, DC (MChiro) Doctor of Chiropractic

With an integrated Masters in Chiropractic Dr Rasmussen is the co-founder and now practice principal at Hampshire Chiropractic and Sports Massage Clinic, with a reputation for excellence built up over nearly a decade of practice.
Dr Rasmussen specialises in back and neck complaints, chronic sports and lower limb injuries, orthotics and biomechanical analysis.
This ethos is one of the reasons my clinic has earnt a reputation for great service and developing good working relationships with local GPs, consultants and surgeons. Dr Rasmussen has been a competitive sportsman and ran at an elite level, which aided in multisport events, road racing and mountain biking to name a few. He has 3 young daughters and spends any available time now kayaking, running, karate and cycling if not being a taxi service for the children’s many after school activities.

As a qualified 3rd Dan Karate instructor and multi-sport athlete, Graeme combines his experience and musculoskeletal training in helping patients improve function and stabilization leading to an improved quality of life.

Graeme is particularly interested in helping his patients to reach their individual health potential using non-invasive approaches.

He is also sympathetic to the needs of people in later life and feels that it is very important for them to be able to function to their full potential without relying on drugs or surgery. Keeping fit and active can be vital in maintaining independent living.

Continual development courses attended.

July 2007 Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
October 2008 Advanced workshop in Soft Tissue Release
April 2012 Gait analysis
Novemeber 2012 Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques, Additional extemity techniques
March 2013 Promoting Patient compliance and increasing patient satisation seminar
November 2013 Orthotics course.
May 2014 Paediatics observation and assessment
November 2014 Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic
May 2015 Muscle energy technique (MET)
May 2015 Cupping and Guasha course
May 2016 Diversified course

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