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Why get a Coach? It’s not just for Athletes.

I am constantly approached for coaching advice from people of all abilities and ages.

Benefits of a coach come from their experience and inner drive to succeed and help others to try and reach their potential.

Here are some of the benefits of having a coach:

Experience – A good coach is one that works along sideyou, understands and constantly adapts their methods bases on experiences with athletes as well as continual education.

Motivation: A good coach will know how to listen and communicate with individuals needs and what makes and helps them to achieve their desire to improve.

Physiological knowledge: A coach with a sound knowledge of the neurological muscular-skeletal system and how to adapt training according to individuals strengthens, weaknesses, history, age, ability and mentality.

Objectivity: a good coach is one that knows that everyone needs a personnalised training plan. Having an objective coach that can show you through the use of video analysis of your progressive improvement in technique and results will prove the best method of training.

Answerability – How hard is it to keep motivated? Self- coaching requires an inner drive to succeed or achieve our goals. Many of us would rather stay in bed than face the winter weather! Having a coach is a big motivator.

Mistakes that we have all made.

Repetition: Not changing what we do. No variation. Little gains made. If you maintain a certain training stimulus then small training gains are made.

Not allowing sufficient for recovery: It is common for people to train really hard and not see very much gain. Often this leads to over training and a drop in form or injury. The body makes most of its gains whilst at rest.

No having sufficient smaller goals to achieve the large goal: The coach will be able to devise a training plan that will include short to mid term goals. E.g. Weight and fitness goals and set periodic re-evaluations.

It’s all about exploring new idea’s and ways to achieve our own personal goals.